Examples of the Life Skills Every Focused Teen Should Know

One of the things you may discover when you mingle with many teens is the belief that they know it all. Actually, some teens would not take any advice you give them since they feel they know everything about life. However, the educational statistics have something different to reveal. It is true that most of the basic life skills won't be learned at home. In fact, that is why most parents prefer taking their children to school early so that they learn some of these life skills for teens in there. From what a recent research indicates, teachers are better in impacting life skills in teens than the parents at home. If a teen is to become a successful adult in future, it is important for them to learn these life skills.read more ... life skills high school

To begin with, it is important for the teen to know how valuable money is in today's world. It is difficult for most teens to work for money when they are still working hard on their academic work and sports. However, this doesn't mean they should be ignorant about money and its value. Parents need to know that providing their teens with everything they demand from them is one way of making the teens unable to know the value for money. It is good if the teens learn more about how to make a budget, know what is checkbook and balance it, know how to save money, know what taxes are and how to spend money. read more... educationlifeskills.com

It is also important for the parent to know that teens should learn how to do laundry, cleaning, and cooking on their own. It is a life skill teens must acquire if they are to be responsible adults in days to come. These skills are important for the teens no matter whether they are in school, workplace or if they have gone visiting. Besides knowing how to order pizza, you should train the teens how to make them. They should also know how they should wash their dirty clothes and iron them properly.

You need also to ensure you teach your teen life skills such as maintaining polite conversation, especially when conversing with adults. Teach them how to avoid slang if you want them to be perfect in their academic affairs and social relations. You need to make your teens know the importance of some words such as "I am sorry", "Thank you", "Nice to meet you", "Please", and "How do you do" among others. This way, they would not only show respect for others, but they would also get the same respect back from others. Read more... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life_skills